Joburg Parade


Freshlyground were one of the first celebrities to endorse our project and took part in the inaugural Rhino Parade held in Johannesburg. The group is made up of seven talented and diverse musicians from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Freshlyground, together with their fans, created this funky black, red and white artwork. The Rhino DESIGN reflects the thoughts of the band and the general public around the horrific act of rhino poaching. The rhino was also tattooed with each band member’s handprint and signature – a very rare piece of art indeed!


Lee Swan is the first African born woman to reach the Magnetic North Pole on foot when she participated in the Polar Race (dubbed the World’s toughest race). Lee jumped at the opportunity to support the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Rhino Conservation Project, as she believed it was making significant progress against the rhino poaching crisis through its investment in and continual research in technologies to curb rhino poaching. The polar bear, compass, snow and map images on Lee’s rhino DESIGN represent the Polar race that she took part in from Northern Canada to the Magnetic North Pole. The race covered 820km on foot, with racers navigating themselves over Arctic sea ice in temperatures averaging 40 degrees Celsius.


Nthati Moshesh award winning South African actress has added her voice to help stop the poaching crisis. Nthati says that she is standing up for the rhino because of her son – she wants him to grow up and be able to see a real rhino in the wild. “I am delighted to be part of the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Rhino Conservation Project and I’m looking forward to making a difference,” She said. Nthati’s rhino DESIGN is a Pop Art design which is a reflection of her career as a professional soapie actress.