Corporate Parade

Life Residential – Richard Boxford, Managing Director of Life Residential, found Wildlands Conservation Trust through their Adopt-a-Rhino initiative in 2011, when he adopted a female White Rhino he named Ubomi (reflected on his Rhino DESIGN). Since then, Boxford has become progressively passionate about Rhino and is what Wildlands refer to as a Rhino Ambassador. Boxford makes Rhino a topic that is explored in every Life Residential Newsletter, whether it is actively recruiting new adoptees for Rhino or simply spreading awareness around the poaching crisis, he is truly an ambassador for the cause. Life Residential being a property group based in Cape Town, the rhino DESIGN incorporates the beautiful landscape and industry within the city of Cape Town – of which Richard is very proud.

First Car Rental used their sculpture to launch their ‘Rhinos 1st’ campaign at the Travel Indaba in May 2013. The Rhinos 1st campaign grabbed the attention of the thousands of individuals who signed the near-life sized rhino in support of the cause. “Our objective was to raise awareness and funds for the Wildlands Conservation Trust’s Rhino Aerial Support Project, which consist of the aerial anti-poaching patrols that surveillance KwaZulu-Natal’s embattled game reserves,” said Melissa Storey, Executive Head of Strategy, and Development and Marketing at First Car Rental. The ‘Rhinos 1st’ near-life size rhino will be traveling around the country to several First Car Rental branches commanding attention and gathering support. The DESIGN reflects the colours of the First Car Rental brand (pink, purple, black and white) and thousands of signatures by individuals who wanted to contribute to the cause.